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Wing Chun Seminar in Medan

At 5th – 6th November 2011, we joined GM. Samuel Kwok seminar at JW Mariot hotel, Medan. This seminar was held by Indonesia Wing Chun Kungfu Academy Medan.

That seminar was designated for all group and level in Wing Chun. The participants were around 50 people from different parts of Indonesia.

The event was divided into 2 days and everyday started from approximately 1 in the afternoon until end.First day topic was introduction to Wing Chun in general and its characteristic for all who didn’t understand or forgot about it. After that was application practice in pair.

Second day was started after lunch, begun with Siu Lim Tao for warming up, continued with basic Chi Sao and application. Certificate was given to every participants along with taking picture with GM. Samuel Kwok at the end of event.

After the seminar, GM. Samuel Kwok demonstrated his skill in using one inch punch, breaking thick board that was hold at the upper part by one of the participant. After that continue with breaking chopstick using his nech as a barrier, everyone was so impressed with Grand Master’s skill because in his 63 years old age,he still has a remarkable power and hard to compare by younger people.

Physical ability that was shown by GM. Samuel Kwok was a fact that age is not a hinderence for all people to stay strong and agile. All of that was not achieved with easy and instant ways but through hard work and consistency also strong dedication from someone, especially Grand Master Samuel Kwok that has made him one of the legend in Wing Chun kungfu.

Keep Practice… Keep strong my friend…

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