Feb 18

Chinese New Year with Brotherhood of Wing Chun

Chinese new year is celebrated in almost all part of the world from past until now, to celebrate chinese new date and the beginning of spring. This year is the 2564th.

This chinese new year tradition is celebrated in all part of the world, as well as in Indonesia like religious holidays, chinese new year is celebrated with prayer together, gather together with family, close relatives, friends or neighbors.

This chinese new year tradition is also celebrated by Brotherhood of Wing Chun by gather together and have lunch together in shi fu Martin Kusuma’s house, although it is simple but noble tradition values in general and specially Wing Chun is still preserved.

For us noble values, family, togetherness, tradition and culture are also very valuable than just learning styles, punches, moves also how to fight.

Beside all of the above, Brotherhood of Wing Chun also applies 9 Ip Man Wing Chun’s conducts, specially point number 9: Pass on the tradition, keep up chinese arts and loyal to ancestors.

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