Apr 01

Brotherhood of Wing Chun Indonesia

IMG-20130330-00577Praise God, today ( 1st April 2013 ) Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Semarang community and Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Yogyakarta community are joining with Brotherhood of Wing Chun. This is happening because similar point of view, strong will to learn and to teach Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun to anybody without looking at social status, skin color, religion, poor or rich.

We realize, in learning and spreading Ip Man Traditional Wing Chun, are not easy, need to sacrifice time, energy, mind and some money, because in learning Ip Man Traditional Wing Chun we are not just learning styles, movements, dodges or how to self defence but also learning about philosophy on bravery, honour, ethic, manner, respect and humility and also applying 9 Wing Chun Ip Man’s conducts.

We thankful to Ip Man Traditional Wing Chun Semarang and Wing Chun Yogyakarta team, specially brother Enos Raharja and brother Destyan for their trust in joining Brotherhood of Wing Chun. We hope with effort and hard work from us, we can keep on advancing in Ip Man Traditional Wing Chun in Indonesia and can counted in international domain

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