Feb 12

Brotherhood of Wing Chun Indonesia, Jogjakarta

IMG_1190On the 8th to 9th of February 2014, the Jogjakarta subsidiary of Brotherhood of Wing Chun (BoWC) Indonesia ran a review and evaluation session on its structure and all activities it has carried out so far, which consisted of:

  • Organisational structure,
  • Teaching methodologies,
  • Members development strategy, and
  • Training venues and locations.

The most important result of this session is the announcement of periodic examination that will be run every 6 to 8 months of training. This examination is considered vital as technique understandings and continuous development are keys to mastering Ip Man Wing Chun.

Since it was founded, the Jogjakarta subsidiary of BoWC Indonesia continues to grow rapidly, with the number of active members rising every periodically. Therefore, BoWC Indonesia would like to thank God, for without His grace, this cannot possibly be accomplished.

BoWC Indonesia would also like to congratulate and give the highest appreciation to Jogjakarta community for its participation and enthusiasm in conserving kungfu traditions, and in particular, Ip Man Wing Chun.

Our wish as BoWC Indonesia is for Ip Man Wing Chun to continue to grow in Jogjakarta and in Indonesia, so that the benefits of learning Ip Man Wing Chun will be seen in every corner of Indonesia.

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  1. agus dwiwiyanto

    saya mau mendaftar untuk bs belajar wingchuc.bgaimana caranya ya.tlng alamatnya.maksih

    1. Administrator

      Silahkan cek di website, our location

  2. rafi diyat

    Biaya pendaftarannya berapa?

    1. Administrator

      Datang aja dulu bro…

  3. darmaji

    kl umur 30 bsa diterima gk ya..terima ksh

    1. Administrator

      di tempat kami ada yg umur 7 – 60 thn…silahkan datang aja bro…

  4. viqi

    di jogya alaamatny di mana gan,, pngen bgt blajar ni,,,,,

    1. Administrator

      lengkapnya ada di halaman Our Location web ini…thanks

  5. egidius adrianus seran


    1. Administrator

      Cek di menu Our Location.

  6. Saepul ibrohim

    Kalau di jogja tmpt latihan nya dimana?? Trma ksh

    1. Administrator

      Silahkan lihat di Our Locations…

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