May 05

Wing Chun Journey Bali, Indonesia

Wing Chun Bali
Brotherhood of Wing Chun (BoWC) Indonesia and Surya Dewata Wing Chun worked together to run a Ip Man Wing Chun workshop on the 2nd – 3rd of May 2014. Located in Denpasar, this was the first Wing Chun workshop to ever been held in Bali and was attended by about 30 attendees.

This event was a part of Wing Chun Journey, a program that will be run by BoWC Indonesia continuously with a mission to introduce Ip Man Wing Chun to all without discriminating at social status, religion, race or wealth.

BoWC Indonesia is glad to have been invited to Bali, and would like to thank all the attendees and Surya Dewata Wing Chun for the success of the event. We hope that this event has grown a deeper interest and understanding of Ip Man Wing Chun.

Individuals, communities, or martial art schools in Indonesia that would like to be visited and have an understanding of Ip Man Wing Chun are welcomed to contact BoWC Indonesia in regards to Wing Chun Journey Program. This program will not incur any fees other than accommodation and transportation fees for 2 representatives of BoWC. For further information, go to Programs.

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  1. Yudimaulana

    Admin Knpa di Banjarmasin gak di buat peguruan Wing Chun kan di Banjarmasin Banyak Peminat yg ingin ikut Bela Diri Wing Chun

    1. Administrator

      Kami terbuka buat siapa saja yang ingin belajar serius… jika memang di Banjarmasin sdh ada komunitasnya, silahkan buat wing chun journey di sana, kami siap jika diundang….

  2. ikhsan

    lokasi wing chun di denpasar bali itu dimana???saya berminat sekali

    1. Administrator

      Ada alamatnya di website ini…

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