Jul 01

Wing Chun Journey Hong Kong – Foshan, Maret 2015

Brotherhood of Wing Chun (BoWC) Indonesia officially opens a registration for the next Wing Chun Journey to Hong Kong and Foshan in March 2015 (dates have yet to be fixed). Itinerary of the journey is:

  • Attend Wing Chun Seminar dan Training
  • Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA), Hong Kong
  • Visit the funerals of GGM Ip Man and GGM Wong Sung Leung
  • Tour to museums of legendary martial artists such as Ip Man Tong, Wong Fei Hung museum in Foshan, and Bruce Lee museum in Hong Kong
  • Visit other tourist attractions, shop, dine, have fun

For any BoWC members who are interested in joinning this journey, please contact your relevant sifu. Registration will close on 15th July 2014. Limited places available.


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