Dec 10

Wing Chun Indonesia, Jember

Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun (TIMWC) Indonesia welcomes Komunitas Kungfu Wing Chun Jember as part of TIMWC Indonesia. Komunitas Kungfu Wing Chun Jember is officially a sub-division of TIMWC Indonesia that represents Jember and the surrounding area.

TIMWCTIMWC Indonesia is consistent in teaching and spreading Ip Man Wing Chun according to the standardised curriculum. Abiding the 9 ethical conducts in Ip Man Wing Chun is a must, as well as following our mission and vision in spreading Ip Man Wing Chun to anyone without discriminating at social status, race, genders, religion or wealth.

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  1. yahya zakariya

    untuk daerah jember tempat pendaftarannya dimana saya pengen sekali ikut

    1. Administrator

      Silahkan datang langsung ke lokasi…cek di web ini di Our Location

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