Apr 06

Wing Chun Indonesia Dengan Tradisi Bai Shi

Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun (TIMWC) Indonesia on the 2nd and 4th April 2015 ran Bai Shi ceremonies in two different cities respectively: Surabaya and Jember, East Java.

Bai Shi ceremony is ran to officially acknowledge disciples who have achieved level 3 of wing chun, and mastered knowledge in Siu Lim Tao and Chum Kiu. In Surabaya, 2 disciples were acknowledged through the ceremony: NARENDRA and IWAN, who has already ran their own training classes. In Jember, PRIO was later acknowledged, and he also has ran his own training classes.

TIMWC Indonesia will continue to keep Bai Shi tradition alive as to respect the kungfu cultural traditions. Disciples who have been through the ceremony may then learn Biu Gee, the last empty hand form in Ip Man wing chun.

Other than Bai Shi ceremony, Sifu Martin Kusuma also had 2-days intensive training with TIMWC Surabaya. In Jember, Sifu Martin Kusuma also ran a one-day public seminar.

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