Apr 20

Wing Chun Indonesia, Kupang Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT)

Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun (TIMWC) Indonesia welcomes Komunitas Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun Kupang as an official affiliation group, in the mission to spread Ip Man wing chun to anyone in Kupang specifically, and other cities in East Indonesia. Kupang is the second city affiliated to TIMWC Indonesia in East Indonesia, with the first city being Ambon.

IMG_0038TIMWC Indonesia is consistent in learning and teaching Ip Man wing chun to anyone in Indonesia, without discriminating at social status, race, religion, or wealth. With a standardised and systematic teaching methodology, our curriculum is easy for everyone to learn. Instructors of TIMWC Indonesia are all experienced, and certified nationally (from TIMWC Indonesia), and internationally (from Ving Tsun Athletic Association – VTAA Hong Kong).

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  1. roby

    Tempat Pendaftaran?
    Biaya Pendftaran?
    Biaya Bulanan?
    WaKtu Latihan?
    Tempat Latihan?

    1. Administrator

      Langsung datang aja ke lokasi terdekat, cek di Our Location. Thanks

  2. Liu Chis Birianto

    Salam sejahtera para agan, saya Liu Chis Birianto ingin belajar wingchun, cuman tempat saya jauh bgt, di daerah Kefamenanu, saya berharap semoga agan membuka cabang di daerah Kefa, terima kasih semoga agan bisa memepertimbangkan nya

    Salam saya

    Liu Chis Birianto

    1. Administrator

      Belum ada instruktur disana…bagaimana kalo bro Liu yang belajar dulu ke tempat terdekat…(cek di Our Locations)

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