Jun 08

Koperasi Wing Chun Indonesia ‘WINGCHUN-SHOP.COM’

Since it was founded, Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun (TIMWC) Indonesia has been a non-for profit wing chun organisation, and will continue to be non-for profit – learning and spreading Ip Man Wing Chun to anyone in Indonesia without discriminating at social status, race, religion, or wealth.

Logo-shopThe growth of TIMWC Indonesia has been rapid, with the number of members keep increasing steadily. With such a massive community, TIMWC Indonesia then had a desire to help our members economically, by helping them growing their businesses. Therefore, TIMWC Indonesia then established ‘WINGCHUN-SHOP.COM’, an online trading venue where all of our members can contribute by selling their products, or advertising their business, whether or not they are related to wing chun.

Wingchun-shop.com belongs to members of TIMWC Indonesia. We sincerely wishes that all members can participate in advertising their products within the specified terms and conditions. For more info, please email devi@wingchun-jakarta.com

Wingchun-shop.com moto is: dari kita, oleh kita dan untuk kita.

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  1. zainal abidin

    Saya ingin belajar wing chun tapi di daerah tuban atu lamongan ngak ada pelatihnya….apakah bisa belajar secara otodidak

    1. Administrator

      Belajar tanpa ada guru langsung akan sulit, sehingga kita hanya mengandalkan persepsi sendiri…

  2. priatama

    lokasi wingchun shop ada tempat toko storenya tidak? domisili jakarta

    1. Administrator

      belum ada… semua via online utk saat ini.

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