Jun 28

Wing Chun Indonesia Melestarikan Tradisi Bai Shi

web-tradisibaishiWing Chun Indonesia on 27 June 2015 hold Bai Shi ceremony to officially acknowledge students who have achieved Level 3, and soon will be learning the last empty-hand form of Ip Man Wing Chun: Biu Gee.

In Ip Man Wing Chun, Bai Shi ceremony has been traditionally passed down in generations and will continue to be held to preserve kungfu tradition and culture. As a result of Bai Shi ceremony, the person who has received the ceremony can be said to have received their Sifu’s lineage. The origin of Ip Man Wing Chun skills and knowledge of the receiver can also be traced and proved.

Therefore, a person who has never received a Bai Shi ceremony, will never be able to hold a Bai Shi ceremony with their students, because their own lineage and originality cannot be tracked and proven.

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