Oct 19

Wing Chun Indonesia Seminar, Lampung

seminar-lampungKomunitas Ip Man Wing Chun Lampung together with Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun (TIMWC) Indonesia on 18 Oktober 2015 ran the first Ip Man wing chun seminar in Bandar Lampung.

Altough there were many who were interested in the seminar, the organiser could only fit in the first 20 attendees, due to the limited spacing & the preference of having limited audience, so that the attendees could get maximum knowledge out of the seminar. The seminar attendees came from various background, from martial arts expert to amateur who were clueless to Ip Man wing chun. With the success of this seminar, TIMWC Indonesia wishes that Ip Man wing chun lovers in Lampung could have a better understanding of the philosophy, technique, and basic skills in Ip Man wing chun, which differs greatly from other martial arts.

Wing Chun Journey Seminar is a routine program held by TIMWC Indonesia, in order to introduce authentic, traditional Ip Man wing chun to anyone in Indonesia without discriminating at social status, religion, race or wealth. An important factor to the success of Wing Chun Journey, is contributed to Sifu Martin Kusuma’s dedication to travel across Indonesia to run seminars without receiving any fees or any material benefits.

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