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Training for Trainers (ToT) Wing Chun Indonesia

pulau-pari-kepulauan-seribuTradisional Ip Man (TIM) Wing Chun Indonesia on the 5-7 May 2016 held a training session for all instructors and head divisions of TIM Wing Chun Indonesia, located at Pari Island, Thousand Island, Indonesia, together with a training camp for members from Jakarta and Tangerang.

Training of Trainers (ToT) is an annual mandatory agenda for instructors of TIM Wing Chun Indonesia, which is held for the purpose of:

  1. Standardisation and explanation of visions and missions of TIM Wing Chun Indonesia.
  2. Training on organisational structure and systems, and the rights and the duties of all elements related to TIM Wing Chun Indonesia.
  3. Explanation of systems, techniques and teaching materials according to the standardised curriculum.
  4. Explanation of ethics and morals in Ip Man Wing Chun, and the safety of students in class.

All expenses occurred during Training of Trainers are paid/subsudised by TIM Wing Chun Indonesia by utilising organisation’s national and local deposits. Instructors receive free transportation from Jakarta – Pari Island – Jakarta, accommodation, and meals during the program. We sincerely wish that Training of Trainers program could help our mission in spreading wing chun in Indonesia and in the world.

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