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Wing Chun Tradition in Honouring Ancestors

Many kungfu practitioners nowadays often disregard the real meaning of “Kungfu”. In a modern world, kungfu is described only as an art of fighting: how to fight and how to overcome one’s opponents. This mindset is the main reason why kungfu – although praised as a legendary fighting art – is not as widely spread as Japanese martial arts, measured in numbers of practitioners around the world. This should be struck as odd, as Japanese martial arts are often influenced, or even originated from kungfu.

So what is the real meaning of “Kungfu”? Kungfu consists of many aspects. The core of Kungfu is martial arts. However, in Wing Chun Kungfu, one must also learn the history, the culture, the philosophy, the respect, and the relationships of one to their family, their friends, their ancestors, and their country.

One thing we can do to respect our ancestor in Wing Chun Kungfu is through visiting and praying at GM Ip Man’s gravesite, and the gravesite of other wing chun practitioners who have contributed significantly in wing chun kungfu.

In each of our visit to Hong Kong, Tradisional Ip Man (TIM) Wing Chun always spend time to visit and honour GM Ip Man at his gravesite. Other times, TIM Wing Chun was also honoured to be invited to visit and honour Master Wong Shun Leung, and Master Chu Shon Ting at their respective gravesite.

It is an honour for TIM Wing Chun to be able to preserve the traditions of Wing Chun Kungfu, including spreading the authentic and traditional Ip Man wing chun to all corners of the world. Today, TIM Wing Chun still hold the title of Defending Grand Champion of the international tournament, “The 3rd Ip Man Ving Tsun Match”, held by Ving Tsun Athletic Association, Hongkong 2016.

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