About Us

Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun (TIMWC) Indonesia is a registered, independent Wing Chun organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Previously known as Brotherhood of Wing Chun (BoWC) Indonesia, Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun Indonesia is now acknowledged as a legal institution in Indonesia, with document number 5.

Our Vision
Create generations who appreciate art and culture legacy, responsible to themselves and to the society.

Our Mission
Introduce authentic, traditional Ip Man Wing Chun to anyone in Indonesia without discriminating at social status, religion, race or wealth.

To align with the above vision and mission, TIMWC Indonesia places itself as an open organization, which is available for affiliation opportunities with other schools/communities/individuals throughout Indonesia. Program such as Wing Chun Journey (link) and Wing Chun Seminar Series (link), are created to give opportunities for TIMWC instructors to provide a free introductory seminar and training to cities in Indonesia, where there is a lack of knowledge/experience with traditional Ip Man wing chun. In the present, we have official sub-divisions and affiliates in the following cities in Indonesia:

Internationally, TIMWC Indonesia aims to make Indonesia a proud country, by building relationships with other wing chun practitioners overseas through seminars and visits, and also by representing Indonesia in international championships. To date, TIMWC Indonesia is proud to have disciples who won the 2nd Ving Tsun World Tournament held by Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA) in Hong Kong, on the 12th of April 2014. For more information, click here. This accomplishment does not mean that TIMWC Indonesia stops evolving here. Instead, TIMWC Indonesia is more eager to search, learn, and share the authentic, traditional Ip Man wing chun with anyone and everyone in the world.

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Wing Chun Board

As a registered community organization, Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun (TIMWC) Indonesia is consisted of the individuals as the board of organizing committee effective from 6 October 2014 to 6 October 2019. Organizing committee will be re-elected every 5 years.  

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Wing Chun History

Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun (TIMWC) Indonesia was previously known as Brotherhood of Wing Chun (BoWC) Indonesia, a community organization which was established in the early of January 2010 by 4 people: Martin Kusuma, Arifin, Abraham Nugroho and Dino Limawan. On 6th of November 2011, Martin Kusuma was appointed to become a bai shi student …

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Wing Chun Instructors

Below is the list of qualified instructors who have been given licensed by Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun (TIMWC) Indonesia to teach traditional Ip Man wing chun: Sertifikasi internasional: Martin Kusuma DKI Jakarta: Abraham Nugroho Ronald Tanuwidjaja Hartono Lukidi Kwe Joe Beng Budi Lim Leonardus Widjaya Banten: Hendric Kusnadi Clarissa Kusnadi Johannes Thelee Edwar Jawa …

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Wing Chun Classes

Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun (TIMWC) hold regular training classes in the below locations. Once you become a member, you are welcomed to practice in all training locations*. *Provided that the terms and conditions of training places allow. DKI Jakarta Atlantic Fitnes Sportmal / Mahaka Square Lt. 2 Kelapa Gading – Jakarta Utara Senin (19:00 …

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Wing Chun Affiliates

Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun (TIMWC) bertujuan memperkenalkan otentik, tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun kepada siapa saja di Indonesia tanpa membeda-bedakan status sosial, agama, ras maupun kekayaan. Oleh karena itu, kami bangga untuk mengumumkan daftar di bawah ini sebagai afiliasi resmi dari TIMWC Indonesia. Jawa Tengah Semarang Semarang Ip Man VIng Tsun Martial Arts Academy …

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