Dec 27


In learning martial arts, everybody has different purpose and intention. That motivation makes us unique and valuable.

When we learned Wing Chun, solely to know what kind of martial art is this. How to use it in wooden dummy, why this? Why that? and other questions.

Beside that, friends who practice together make the atmosphere to exchange experience and make us close and open.

In life, we always need others because in essence men are social entity so we can’t allow or keep our ego continuously. There are times we have to succumb and listen to others, sometime they are right.

Togetherness in practice’s place is needed because it can create relax and comfort atmosphere to each martial arts’ practitioner. This kind of family can make a bond in every martial arts’ practitioner to get close together and have a long lasting friendship.

Every member can uther their opinion and discuss about the practice and other method.Regular practice can make a desired result.In broader environment outside practice’s place, we can apply those principles in family also in society.

We must remember the kungfu’s principle that is becoming one with nature not just learn to punch and kick but to live in harmony with the environment and the universe…

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