Nov 28

3rd Test Gradually

From 19th to 24th November 2012. Brotherhood of Wingchun hold a 3rd test for all the Brotherhood of Wingchun big family gradually.This test routinely hold every 6 – 8 months after training. This test was hold to measure the development of the disciples to understand and learn Ip Man wingchun the right way.

This test consisted of technique, form, power, philosophy and harmony in all.

This test also aimed to measure and to evaluate the instructor development in giving direction, explanation and true guidance about Ip Man wingchun according to the curriculum established.

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  1. wiwid

    kalau mau tau info lebih lanjut
    harus menghubungi siapa dan kemana?

    1. wingchun-jakarta.com

      Silahkan kontak di nomor yang ada di halaman utama di Our Location ya…:)

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