Dec 24

IP MAN Butterfly Swords

golok-kembarThese are twin knives’ duplicate from GM. Ip Man’s twin knives.We know that GM. Ip Man’s twin knives was hereted to GM. Ip Ching, From GM. Ip Ching to GM. Samuel Kwok. GM. Samuel Kwok was proud so he put the twin knives’ logo to his own logo “Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Arts Association”.

These duplicate’s weight is about 1,6 kg, made from stainless steel. There is a dragon’s carving in each side along with Samuel Kwok’s name, signature and stamp. Shifu Martin recommended this twin knives to wing chun Ip Man’s practitioners who can play them because these twin knives have the form, measurement also good and fine material. These twin knives have comfort holding and controllable because balanced weight and axis of rotation is fit with thumbs so cannot easily loose.

There are not so many people can play twin knives’ style as a whole because hard to understand, bad knives or not given as a whole by their shifu, also bad ethics and ability. GM. Ip Man himself only herited twin knives’s style to a couple of the disciples.

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