Jan 14

The 1st Semarang Wing Chun Seminar

Pamflet-Semarang-WJSemarang Wing Chun seminar is part of Brotherhood of Wing Chun journey’s programme to introduce and spread Wing Chun martial arts to all traditional Ip Man Wing Chun’s lover especially and observer also martial arts practitioners in general.

This programme will be executed with Semarang Wing Chun community in very affordable price at 23 – 24 February 2013.

In this seminar, participants will get clear and true understanding in traditional Ip Man Wing Chun’s history, rules, applied traditions, philosophies, methods and styles in obvious and original.

After attending this seminar, we are convinced the participants will know what true traditional Ip man Wing chun is and can answer all the confusion and anxiety.

“Ip Man Wing Chun that will be defined in Semarang’s seminar is the Ip Man Wing Chun that I got from my Shi Fu, GM. Samuel Kwok and Shi Gung Ip Ching (son of Grandmaster Ip Man), not from books, films, dvds, internet or my own creation, can be held accountable,” said Shi Fu Martin.

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