May 12

Bai Shi Brotherhood of Wing Chun Indonesia

IMG00464-20130511-1824Praise to God for the appointed disciples ceremony (Bai Shi) on 11th May 2013 in Jakarta. This tradition was held by Brotherhood of Wing Chun to the disciples who want to learn Biu Gee. This is also the application of 9 Ip Man Wing Chun conducts, specially point number 9: “Pass on the tradition, keep up chinese arts and loyal to ancestors”.


Brotherhood of Wing Chun will keep and guard Bai Shi tradition because this tradition was passed on from generation to generation and also proof and inauguration on authentic and pure Ip Man Wing Chun. By practising Bai Shi, disciples will have unlimited access to Wing Chun from the teacher, like a child in a family. This was a pride from Wing Chun practitioners everywhere if they practised BAI SHI ceremony.

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  1. indra kurniadi

    Yth; Administrator

    Saya berminat belajar Wing Chun, mohon petunjuknya dari sanggar Karang Anyar, terimakasih atas perhatiannya.

    Salam, Indra Kurniadi

    1. Administrator

      Silahkan datang bro…kami tunggu…

  2. Asan

    Saya tertarik belajar.Bagaimana soal biayanya?thanks

    1. Administrator

      Silahkan datang langsung ke lokasi latihan yang ada di website

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