May 03

Refresh Wing Chun Ip Man in Hongkong

Keep on learning and gain knowledge is the application from 9 Ip Man wing chun conducts, specially point 5 “Practice diligently, improve the skills“. This was what Shi fu Martin has done in his journey, deepen and evaluate his wing chun skills that he has practiced diligently over the year.

Regular wing chun training that Shi fu Martin has done in Hongkong was done by few people, just the ones who has the hobby and totally into Ip Man wing chun because it needs to provide time, energy and a lot of costs, not to mention leaving family behind.

“One of GM. Ip Ching senior disciple in VTAA said that I am the only and the first Indonesian he recognizes learning wing chun directly in VTAA Hongkong”, told Shi fu Martin when he arrived home.

We hope that in the future many Indonesian really learned Wing Chun in Hongkong so that Indonesia is getting famous and can be equaled with other wing chun in the world.

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  1. franky hartanto

    Bravo Mr Martin,Bravo Wingchun Indonesia!

  2. lee kwok

    sifu sa.at ni saya di hk dan dmn sy hrus blajar ke sifu ip ching
    tapi apa boleh karna saya seorang tkw tapi saya pngen
    blajar wing chun ini

    1. Administrator

      Silahkan aja datang ke VTAA langsung dan cari informasi di sana…
      untuk alamatnya bisa lihat di halaman depan web BoWC di kolom Association

  3. lee kwok

    trimakasih bntuanya..

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