Jul 20

VING TSUN IP CHING Athletic Association Permanent Member

We would like to thank Ving Tsun Ip Ching Athletic Association (VTICAA) for accepting shi fu Martin Kusuma as VTICAA permanent member, this reward and recognition for Brotherhood or Wing Chun’s efforts and hard works that have been done all this time, that is learning Wing Chun Ip Man from the source, quoting from Ip Man’s word “You must know the source of water that you drink”.

We also like to say thank you and give highest regard to GM. Samuel Kwok, our lineage, for generosity and willingness to teach true Ip Man Wing Chun and from him we exist.

As for the purposes of joining VTICAA permanent member are establishing relationship with World Wing Chun organization, gain insight, dig up more knowledge about Ip Man Wing Chun. Equally important is showing to the world that Indonesia has Ip man Wing Chun community that wants to learn and participate to develop it.

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