Feb 01

Wing Chun Indonesia – Ambon Grade Exam 2015

Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun (TIMWC) Ambon had their first grade examination on 29 – 31 January 2015. This exam was joined by all members of TIMWC Ambon who have fulfilled the exam requirements. The exam was held in order to evaluate Ip Man Wing Chun technique, concept, and philosophy that has been learned throughout the previous year.

In this opportunity, the instructors of TIMWC Ambon also had an intensive training with Sifu Martin Kusuma for further development of their wing chun technique, and also for evaluation of the results of the exam.

Last but not least, this trip was closed with Bai Shi ceremony, or traditional ceremony to acknowledge disciples according to Ip Man Wing Chun traditions. We congratulate TIMWC Ambon disciples who have passed the exam, and we look forward to visiting Ambon again.

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