Dec 25

Wing Chun Indonesia 2015-2016

imageIn 2015 Tradisional Ip Man (TIM) Wing Chun Indonesia had a noticeable growth in many aspects, such as legality, administration systems, organisational structure, and relationships with other international wing chun organisations and associations.

These can all be accomplished because TIM Wing Chun Indonesia is always focused and consistent in learning and spreading Ip Man wing chun in Indonesia and in other countries.

We understand that all TIM Wing Chun Indonesia have done are far from perfection. Many factors still must be reviewed, evaluated, and adjusted so that wing chun Ip Man in Indonesia will continue to grow, and flourish with achievements for the sake of Indonesia.

TIM Wing Chun Indonesia would like to wish that in 2016, the spread of Ip Man wing chun in Indonesia will be more even and will reach every corners of Indonesia where there is no communities or Ip Man wing chun shcools. TIM Wing Chun Indonesia would like to bear that duty in 2016, through our mission in spreading Ip Man wing chun to anyone without discriminating at social status, race, religion, or wealth.

Happy new year 2016.

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