Apr 29

National Wing Chun Instructor Certification 2017

Tradisional Ip Man (TIM) Wing Chun is scheduling a Training of Trainers event on the 12-14 May 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia, for all qualified instructors of TIM Wing Chun Indonesia & Malaysia. For the first time, TIM Wing Chun will also issue a National Wing Chun Instructor Certificate, with the below training agenda :

  1. Understandings of TIM Wing Chun organisation vision and mission,
  2. TIM Wing Chun curriculum training & standardisation,
  3. Training & evaluation of the existing & the new wing chun skills materials,
  4. Teaching methodology of the standard wing chun sports for international tournament,
  5. Teaching methodology of the traditional wing chun skills as accordance to the teachings of GM Ip Man to his closed door students,
  6. First Aid certification for wing chun class as accordance to the international martial arts standard of safety and health.

The above training agenda are the standard training materials for all qualified instructors of TIM Wing Chun Indonesia & Malaysia (who has received an Engagement Letter) that will be run every 2 years. Instructors who have completed all the training materials will be issued a National Wing Chun Certificate (with validity of 2 years). This certificate shows that the instructors fully understand TIM Wing Chun national curriculum, and are permitted to teach Ip Man wing chun in all classes of TIM Wing Chun Indonesia & Malaysia.

All materials and programs taught during Training of Trainers 2017 are FREE, supported by TIM Wing Chun Indonesia. Facilities received by instructors will include :

  1. First Aid Certificate from Indonesian Heart Association,
  2. National Instructor Certificate from TIM Wing Chun,
  3. Accommodation for instructors from outside Jakarta,
  4. Meals during programs.

The Training of Trainers program is an important program that ensures the quality of Ip Man wing chun taught and shared by instructors of TIM Wing Chun. TIM Wing Chun sincerely wish to help Ip Man wing chun to spread across Indonesia and across the world.

Lastly, the most important part of the program is the ” FRIENDSHIP ” among Ip Man wing chun practitioners in TIM Wing Chun, which value is unmeasurable and will be reinforced towards all programs of TIM Wing Chun.



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