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Open to Affiliate with TIM Wing Chun

Why affiliate with TIM Wing Chun?

Tradisional Ip Man (TIM) Wing Chun Indonesia is the first non-profit organization of Ip Man Wing Chun with legal status from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Department, with the Deed of Association no. 5, October 6, 2014.

Today, the official schools of  TIM Wing Chun is spread over 20 provinces throughout Indonesia and makes it the only one of the largest Wing Chun schools in Indonesia. Besides, TIM Wing Chun Indonesia also has affiliations with many Wing Chun schools in Indonesia, Wing Chun communities, corporations, educational institutions both formal and non-formal (islamic school), and even global organizations. Also, TIM Wing Chun Indonesia has been flapping its journey around the world to propagate Wing Chun

In 2018, TIM Wing Chun Indonesia offers to affiliate for the communities, that want to be part of TIM Wing Chun Indonesia, that is, TIM Wing Chun Community of Indonesia.

Wing Chun Community is a group of members who do not yet have an official instructor from Wing Chun Indonesia. This community is under the supervision of the TIM Wing Chun Indonesia by appointing a member to become a coordinator (co-community) in organizing regular activities or other programs. This community might absolutely become the official school of TIM Wing Chun Indonesia when some of the members have been in the level 3

TIM Wing Chun Indonesia also offers to affiliate for other Wing Chun schools (private martial arts school), as well as other Wing Chun communities.

What is the advantages of the affiliation?

So many and great benefits for the Wing Chun schools and Wing Chun communities who want to affiliate with TIM Wing Chun Indonesia. That is:

  1. Other Wing Chun schools and Wing Chun communities that do not yet have a legal entity, will get a Certificate of Affiliation TIM Wing Chun Indonesia that can be used to become a member of the Wing Chun Federation of Indonesia; increase the strength of the rule of law for the relevant organizations; and can be legitimate evidence that the related organization is on the lineage of Ip Man.
  2. Other Wing Chun schools and Wing Chun communities rightfully acquire a recommendation letter from TIM Wing Chun Indonesia to register as permanent member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA), Hong Kong;
  3. Other Wing Chun schools and Wing Chun communities might adhere an annual program of TIM Wing Chun Indonesia, such as Journey to Hong Kong: stay in touch with Ip Man students, visit to VTAA, and pilgrimage to Ip Man’s grave;
  4. Other Wing Chun schools and Wing Chun communities rightfully participate in World Ving Tsun Match, held by VTAA.
  5. Other Wing Chun schools and Wing Chun communities rightfully have a national curriculum standard of Wing Chun Indonesia; and
  6. Many others.


Further information about affiliations and registration, please send mail to info@wingchun-jakarta.com

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