Wing Chun Ip Man

yip-man-dummy-kickWing Chun is a unique martial art, specialised in close-range combats that utilises fast punches, armed kicks, and agile footwork to enable fast and firm movements. The effectiveness of Wing Chun is reflected in a coordinated attack, defense and counterattack movements; making it a notorious self-defense martial art.

Wing Chun as a martial art teaches kicks, blocks, continuous punches, setting up traps, and controlling of technique.

A disciple of Wing Chun has to learn on how to deliver a correct amount of energy in a relax muscle state. Wing Chun also teaches its disciples to handle any situations by avoiding confrontations rather than getting involved in a combat.

Wing Chun is branched to many styles due to its disciples started up their own schools all over the world. From the many styles of Wing Chun, Ip Man style Wing Chun is the most well-known and widely spread. Ip Man was once respected by many martial arts instructors in Foshan and Hong Kong. He was the first person to ever taught Wing Chun to the public. After his death, his disciples continued to start up their own Wing Chun schools. His life has since became a legend and is portrayed in the movies Ip Man 1, Ip Man 2, and The Legend is Born – Ip Man.

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History of Wing Chun

Yim Wing Chun Long ago in Yunnan village, there was a pretty and bubbly girl named Yim Wing Chun. Many men wished to marry her, however none of them fulfilled her criteria as a husband, nor her parents’. One day Wing Chun’s father, Yim Yee, was visited by the local gangster and as they wished …

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Main Principles

Several principles of the center line: “Facing the center line” or face an opponent “nose to nose,” to control or occupy the center line. “Menghadapi garis tengah” atau menghadapi lawan “hidung ke hidung,” untuk mengontrol atau menempati garis tengah. “Controlling the center line” involves maintaining and occupying the center line with the stance and bridges, and not letting the opponent get out …

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Wing Chun Proverb

Here are some proverbs in Wing Chun Kung Fu; “Yao ying da ying; mo ying da yieng” (when you see form, strike form; when there is no form, strike shadow). “Lui lao hui soong; lut sao jik chung” (as my opponent comes, I receive him as he leaves, i escort him; upon loss contact, i …

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Wing Chun Indonesia Lineage


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