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History of Wing Chun

Ilustrasi, Yim Wing Chun and Eng Mui

Yim Wing Chun

Long ago in Yunnan village, there was a pretty and bubbly girl named Yim Wing Chun. Many men wished to marry her, however none of them fulfilled her criteria as a husband, nor her parents’.

One day Wing Chun’s father, Yim Yee, was visited by the local gangster and as they wished to marry Wing Chun. The family was frightened. Fortunately, there was a nun who happened to travel to Yunnan at the same time. The nun was a friend of Yim Yee and also a great martial artist. After listening to Yim Yee’s story, she agreed to teach martial arts to Wing Chun so she would be able to defend herself from the gangsters.

Due to a limited period of time, the nun taught Wing Chun only the principles and the most efficient martial art moves and asked Wing Chun to train dilligently. After an intense training, Wing Chun finally mastered the martial arts and was able to beat opponents who were bigger than herself.

From then on the name of Yim Wing Chun became more famous and more men tried to beat her skills in martial arts. None of them succeeded until one day she met Leong Bok Cho. She fell in love with Bok Cho and forfeited the match. The two married in 1810s and Wing Chun taught her husband her martial art skills. As an honour to his wife, Bok Cho took her name, Wing Chun, as the name of the martial arts that lives and is still practiced to the present day.

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