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Wing Chun Proverb

leung-janHere are some proverbs in Wing Chun Kung Fu;

  1. “Yao ying da ying; mo ying da yieng”
    (when you see form, strike form; when there is no form, strike shadow).
  2. “Lui lao hui soong; lut sao jik chung”
    (as my opponent comes, I receive him as he leaves, i escort him; upon loss contact, i charge forward).
  3. “Lien siu dai da”
    (linking defense to bring in offense).
  4. Bo lay tao, dao fu san, tiet kiu sau
    (Glass Head, bean curd body, and iron bridges).
  5. Kuen yao sum fat
    (fist comes from heart).
  6. Sao lao jung sien
    (the hand remains in the centerline)
  7. Da sao jik siu sao
    (the striking hand also functions simultaneously as defending hand).
  8. Mo keung da
    (don’t force your strike).
  9. Mo luen da
    (don’t waste your strikes).

*Sumber: Complete Wing Chun pages 25 – 26

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