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Chum Kiu

chum kiuChum Kiu is the next form that you can learn in Wing Chun after mastering Siu Lim Tao. The question is, what can you gain from learning Chum Kiu?

Chum Kiu is a more dynamic and mobile form than Siu Lim Tao as the importance of this form lies in Yeu Ma and Biu Ma. Performing Yeu Ma and Biu Ma correctly will give your attacks a blast of power. In short, the movements that you will learn from Chum Kiu are:

  • Yeu Ma
  • Biu Ma
  • Kicks
  • Fa Jin
  • Breathing with lower stomach

The aim that we strive to achieve from Chum Kiu is a coordination of breathing, feet, hips and elbow movements, which results in a short but strong and powerful Fa Jin.

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