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International Championship

As a permanent member of Ving Tsun Athletic Association, Sifu Martin Kusuma is eligible to enter his disciples to Ving Tsun Tournament – the annual worldwide wing chun tournament held in Hongkong. Other than assessing and comparing our skills in international scale, entering the tournament also helps us build relationships with overseas wing chun practitioners, and make proud of Indonesia with positive accomplishments.

TIMWC Indonesia is honoured and proud to be the first and the only wing chun organisation in Indonesia that has successfully championed in the 2nd Ving Tsun Tournament organised by VTAA, Hong Kong, in April 2014 in the below categories:

  1. Taolu/Wing Chun Forms Female Category:
    IKA SIRANA, received a Gold Award (equal to a first place) in Siu Lim Tao and Chum Kiu forms competition.
  2. Taolu/Wing Chun Forms Male Category:
    DESTYAN ADIWASSESA, received a Silver Award (equal to a second place) in Chum Kiu form.
  3. Chi Sao/Sticking Hands Tournament:
    HARTONO LUKIDI made it to the semi-final round.

*source: http://www.vingtsun.org.hk

In the future it is the wish of TIMWC to keep progressing, and to have more talented disciples as to make Indonesia a proud country. With more talented disciples, we will be one step closer to our mission to introduce and to have qualified traditional Ip Man wing chun instructors in all corners of Indonesia.

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