Jul 27

Profil GM Ip Ching

Ip ChingGrandmaster (GM) Ip Ching ws born in 1936 in Foshan, Guandong Province, China. In 1962, GM Ip Ching moved from Foshan to Hongkong, to live with his father Ip Man.

Since his arrival in Hongkong, GM Ip Ching started to learn wing chun and later became a practitioner himself, and leading the role of GGM Ip Man’s assistant. GM Ip Ching learnt everything about wing chun from his father, starting from the basic knowledge of wing chun, theory, history, applicationof wing chun, to the teaching methodology.

After GGM Ip Man paseed way in 1972, GM Ip Ching became the successor of Ip Man wing chun, and started to teach wing chun in GGM Ip Man’s previous classes.

In 1992, GM Ip Ching started to spread Ip Man wing chun to other countries such as England, Holland, and the US. Now in his age of 80, GM Ip Ching still actively spreads Ip Man wing chun to the whole world through his role as president of Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA), and Ving Tsun Ip Ching Athletic Association (VTICAA), both are based in Hongkong.

This article is taken from VTICAA and other sources.

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