Oct 13

Bruce Lee Original Poster & Press Kit

This time the arrival of GM Samuel Kwok in Indonesia gave deep impression to the Indonesian martial arts practitioners beside spreading and teaching Original Wing Chun Ip Man, GM Samuel Kwok also gave valued souvenirs to Brotherhood of Wing Chun specially and Indonesian nation in general.

Bruce Lee’s original poster (Enter The Dragon) was the original poster that usually placed in theatres’ window at that time. With this poster, the Bruce Lee’s fans in Indonesia can be proud because we also have the Bruce Lee’s original poster (Enter the Dragon) collection.

The Press Kit book “Bruce Lee’s Game of Death” presented by Raymond Chow’s Golden Harvest Group. This original book with limited edition is hard to find and wanted item by Bruce Lee’s collector in whole world.

Wudang Tai Yi Fo Chen (Horse Tail Whisk) was given to GM. Samuel Kwok when he visited Wudang temple and a precious souvenir because this item was given as a give from Wudang temple.

We will guard these items with good care and will preserve Kungfu culture in general and Wing Chun Ip Man in particular.

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