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Join Wing Chun Indonesia

dicipleWing chun Indonesia is inviting all martial arts lovers, and wing chun lovers specifically, to join Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun (TIMWC) Indonesia. TIMWC Indonesia is the first, and the only Ip Man wing chun institution which has won the 2014 International Ving Tsun Match held by Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA), Hong Kong. VTAA is known as the first and the highest Ip Man wing chun organisation in the world.

Benefits of enrolling to TIMWC Indonesia are:

  1. TIMWC Indonesia is the first non-for-profit Ip Man wing chun institution that has been officially registered to Departmen Hukum dan HAM, in accordance to Indonesia’s law.
  2. Chief Instructor of TIMWC Indonesia has been accredited as ‘Chief Instructor’ by VTAA, Hong Kong. All instructors of TIMWC Indonesia are also permanent members of VTAA, Hong Kong.
  3. TIMWC Indonesia focuses on teaching Ip Man wing chun, with the skills and knowledge originated from direct learning with GM Samuel Kwok (student of GM Ip Chun and GM Ip Ching), GM Ip Ching (second son of Ip Man), and other Ip Man wing chun practitioners.
  4. Ip Man wing chun is taught according to the systematic and standardised curriculum (standard across Indonesia), adopted from Ip Man wing chun curriculum in Hong Kong. Learning system is evaluated periodically every 6-8 months of training through periodic examination, held across Indonesia.
  5. Talented members are given opportunities to enter ‘National Athletes’ program, which is created specifically for athletes who are entering international wing chun tournaments, all funded by TIMWC Indonesia.
  6. TIMWC Indonesia has an ‘All Clubs’ payment system, in which every member gets to train in all of TIMWC’s training places, anywhere in Indonesia without additional fees.
  7. 7. TIMWC Indonesia has a wide variety of training programs, and runs national and international seminars, all for the purpose to continue learning and spreading Ip Man wing chun to the rest of the world.

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